We often hear women tell stories of how their relationships with their sisters improved after one or more of them became parents. It’s a common for siblings to grow closer and for grievances to fall to the wayside when one family member suddenly has to support a human life for the first time. Kendall Jenner got super real in a new interview with Elle and admitted that while it was “a bit weird” when younger sister Kylie Jenner became a mom, Kendall says that Stormi ultimately brought the sisters closer together and helped them move past old arguments.

On their family’s reality show, the girls often bickered in that way that only sisters can — slangin’ insults one second and embracing the next. However, the argument Kendall told Elle about involved their friendship with model Hailey Baldwin and which sister got to call her their “best friend.”

Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

We love that Kylie’s new role as a mother helped the Jenner sisters reach new milestones in their relationship, but let’s be real, fighting over Hailey Baldwin’s friendship is the sweetest example of a family argument.