jessica tholmer
March 17, 2018 2:13 pm
Lil Dicky /

*Deep sigh.* The internet is a strange place. The world, we suppose, is a strange place. Though new and electrifying music videos are exciting, not all music videos are created equal. When someone like Taylor Swift drops a music video, the internet is abuzz with conversation. Twitter discusses everything from Did she just shade [insert name here]? to What even are these dance moves?! She’s adorable. The commentary around music videos is not new. Since the dawn of MTV, they’ve created conversation. Sometimes they garner critical acclaim, but other times they fall super short of the mark.

Typically, when a music video involves someone we have collectively decided does not need more money or attention, it’s the latter. No one really appreciates having to see someone who has offended others, hurt others, or both. Chris Brown is very much one of those people. He’s been canceled for a long time — or so we thought. And now, we’re wondering why in the world Kendall Jenner and Ed Sheeran are collaborating with him.

In a new music video for Brown’s song “Freaky Friday” with Lil Dicky, there are some major celeb cameo appearances. People are not happy about it, and we don’t blame them. We’re not happy about it either.

Kendall and Ed, what are you doing?

We don’t care for Brown. After he brutally attacked Rihanna in 2009, his forgiveness tour was less than admirable. He has never redeemed himself — nor should he be able to. We have dealt with Brown performing at major award shows like The Grammys, and it’s just never okay. But when people we genuinely like and appreciate collab with a guy like Brown? It’s very upsetting.

Here’s the “Freaky Friday” music video.

The video is bizarre. The theme is, as the title implies, supposed to be a “Freaky Friday” type of situation. The whole video is strange, but the cameos by Jenner and Sheeran are the most *thinking face emoji* of all. There is already backlash on Twitter, as there should be.

People are just really confused why either of them would make the choice to work with Brown.

Jenner acknowledged her participation in the video, and even gave herself three claps for it. So there’s that.

Sure, it’s just a music video. But where’s the accountability?

If Jenner and Sheeran think working with Brown is “no big deal,” that’s their right. But what it really means is, they are announcing that they are complacent about a very serious issue. By working with Brown, both Jenner and Sheeran — who certainly don’t need the money! — are letting the world know that they don’t think Brown’s actions are reprehensible. For their fans and all survivors of domestic violence and abuse, this is not “just a music video.” It really is a big deal.

Listening to your fans is a really key way to keep them. We hope Kendall and Ed address the decision soon.