Kellyanne Conway just said the most absurd thing possible about Trump’s next chief of staff

The Trump administration is currently on the hunt for its next White House chief of staff, and rumors are swirling that the president is having trouble finding someone who even wants the job. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway recently attempted to downplay the struggle to fill the role, and said something downright bizarre in the process. A video captured by the Associated Press this morning, December 11th, shows Conway telling reporters:

"I think the next chief of staff will obviously be someone who focuses on the 'chief' part and the 'of staff' part, as General Kelly has," she said.


Conway then basically summarized the job description, painting the ideal candidate as “somebody who will have the trust and confidence of the president, who understands the principle, also can interface with the cabinet, and who can manage a very large and ever-changing staff here.” Frankly, that’s not any more helpful.

Time points out that Conway did tell reporters that General Kelly will act as chief of staff until January 2nd—longer than President Donald Trump previously said. She also asserted that there are “people vying for” the position. Like Conway, Trump has been on the defense about reports that he’s having difficulty finding someone to fill the role. In an indignant tweet this morning, the president wrote that “Fake News has it purposely wrong,” claiming that “many, over ten” are competing for the role.

Looks like only time will tell on this one…

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