Destiny’s Child may have broken up years ago, but Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé (thankfully) are still super close. So when Beyoncé recently shared a nostalgic birthday message for Rowland, we weren’t surprised—only reminded of how much we love their friendship.

On February 11th, Rowland celebrated her 38th birthday. And in honor of her friend and former group-mate, Beyoncé shared a series of photos on Instagram that chronicled their friendship over the years. The first image in her post featured a black and white shot of Rowland graduating from preschool (as noted by Billboard), complete with an adorable cap and “diploma.” Bey also included polaroids of her and Rowland from middle school. She completed her post with:

Beyoncé and Rowland’s bond began long before the photos from Bey’s post. In fact, when Rowland was a young teen, she lived with the Knowles family, something she has previously discussed with Vogue. So it’s no surprise that they’re still in contact; they’ve been there for each other for decades.

Happy birthday, Kelly—and Bey, please give us more of these #friendshipgoal photos.