Kelly Clarkson has been one of our favorite artists since she first graced our TV screens on American Idol way back in 2002. And in the best news of the day, Clarkson has announced she’s getting her very own daytime talk show.

So. Much. Yes.

She stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on September 18th and nonchalantly dropped the news, saying the show is slated to air on NBC in the fall of 2019, ahead of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (this is in addition to touring in January and judging The Voice).

“This is a big announcement because this has not been announced yet,” Fallon replied.

“Well, it’s been leaked!” Clarkson said, before adding, “I know, I’m very excited.”

She also revealed her show will (naturally) have some musical elements.

Check out the clip below to see Clarkson’s big reveal.

We think Clarkson will make a fabulous addition to the daytime talk show lineup, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store. Congratulations, girl! We’ll be patiently counting down the days until the premiere.