Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Continuing her unwavering support for Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry wore an epic, be-caped pantsuit at a Clinton campaign concert in Philadelphia.

Not only that, but the royal blue cape was emblazoned with, “I’m with Madam President” on the back!

Perry is just so many buckets of awesome, right? Not only did she campaign for Clinton in Nevada and take over Clinton’s Instagram urging everyone to vote in the election — she’s outdone herself by fighting hard until the very end (and the end is near because election day is TOMORROW guys!). Seriously, we salute her so freaking hard.

Apart from being beautiful, this inspiring outfit says it all. And look how happy it made Hillary!

And it gets better, because you can actually see Perry strut her stuff on stage.

Of course, Hillary took to the stage as well with this important message:

We’ll be voting, guys! Don’t you worry. And Katy Perry…you rock our world, girl.