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Katy Perry took a page from Ron Burgundy’s book and wore a red suit for a special report. But no, it wasn’t anything like Anchorman — and it didn’t make us laugh in the least. Rather, it made us feel truly somber indeed.

For UNICEF, Katy Perry took us on a 60-second tour of the world, explaining the devastating impact of climate change, and the extreme weather patterns that have been wreaking havoc on the world.

“Today we’re seeing more extreme weather everywhere, and as a California Girl, I’m not the only one experiencing drought,” Katy, who was appointed as UNICEF ambassador in 2013, says in the video.

She then explains how in the Philippines, more devastating tropical cyclone patterns have been emerging, while in Bangladesh, millions have lost their homes due to flooding. In Africa, more mosquitos are spreading malaria, which already kills 800 children every day.

“Because it’s always children who are first to suffer from [climate change’s] impact,” Katy says. “. . . And the forecast is: conditions will worsen.”

Wow. Definitely a departure from Katy’s normal music work, but we’re really happy she’s lending her voice to something that we all need to be talking about. The frightening findings are part of UNICEF’s latest report on climate change that was released in November.

“Let’s encourage our world leaders to take this issue seriously,” Katy said in a press release. “Share your story on how you are helping reduce climate change with the hashtag #FightUnfair. Together we can help change the forecast for millions of children.”

For more information on how to help Katy and UNICEF, check out their official website here, and watch the video below.

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