Last month we were thrilled to learn that Hoda Kotb had adopted a beautiful little girl, and now her co-host on The Today Show has met the new addition to the family. Kotb’s daughter Haley Joy met Kathie Lee Gifford, and from the looks of things, they are going to be best friends in no time.

This introduction was clearly very important to Kotb (she and Gifford are so close that they have a joint Instagram account), and it’s adorable how she expressed her enthusiasm in the Insta pic.

After cancer treatment a decade ago left her unable to have children of her own, it means the world that Kotb was able to adopt and finally become a mom. This just makes our hearts melt.

Hotb has remained active on social media since Haley came into her life, and her face expresses a similar explosion of love in just about every photo!

This is pure JOY.

But seriously, with that darling baby in our hands, we’d be on cloud nine as well.

We love how she’s been sharing sweet photos of Haley’s outfits and playpens. Here she is being supervised by a friendly canine!

This little girl is lucky to have Kotb as her mom, because’s she such a warm person who radiates positivity. Knowing how fast Haley’s going to grow up, we’re enjoying these tiny doll-like outfits while they last.

Thanks for sharing your good vibes, Hoda! We can’t wait for more glimpses of Haley.