Molly Thomson
February 13, 2018 11:21 am
Mike Pont/WireImage

Kate Upton’s name has been making headlines these past few weeks after she went public with allegations of sexual assault against Guess co-founder Paul Marciano, but the supermodel captured the public’s attention long before that with her extraordinary career.

Upton is only 25, but she already has movie roles, high-profile magazine covers, ad campaigns, and fashion shows under her belt. In fact, she’s featured in Sports Illustrated‘s 2018 Swimsuit Issue. In the issue, she poses on a rock on the beach as water splashes over her — like a real-life mermaid. She’s wearing nothing but a drenched tule skirt, and she looks amazing. In another pic, she wears a fringed thong bikini. Slay, girl, slay. She first signed to Elite Model Management when she was only 15, and just three years later she landed her first Sports Illustrated issue.

That could well have been how her successful modeling career continued, but Upton went unexpectedly viral for dancing the Dougie at a Los Angeles Clippers game, effectively capturing America’s hearts.

She now boasts more than 7 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined and has become a staple on magazines and runway shows. The supermodel’s net worth is predictably astronomical, and it will have you googling “how to get discovered” before you can stop yourself.

In truth, it’s impossible to know Upton’s exact net worth, but it’s likely to be well over $10 million — probably even higher than that.

In 2014 alone, Upton made Forbes‘ “Highest Paid Models” list with a reported $7 million before taxes and fees. (It’s no surprise, considering she starred in Lady Antebellum’s “Bartender,” acted alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman, and made People‘s Sexiest Woman that year. In 2015, Upton made a comparably modest $3.5 million, largely in part due to her Super Bowl advert for the app “Game of War.”

The years since are more difficult to place. Upton starred in The Layover with Alexander Daddario and made an appearance in The Disaster Artist in 2017. Her stunning Tuscany wedding was featured in Vogue‘s coveted pages. She appeared on Project Runway and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Even her engagement ring was a reported $1.5 million! The rest is anyone’s guess.

Upton is one of the world’s top supermodels, and now an actress to boot. All we can say is, we respect her hustle.