Molly Thomson
Updated Feb 13, 2018 @ 12:45 pm

Admittedly, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are a picture-perfect couple, but that isn’t the only reason we’re writing-articles-to-celebrate-their-love levels of obsessed with them. Upton and Verlander take the term “power couple” to new levels, supporting one another’s careers, cheering each other on, and being there for each other through life’s heartaches and hardest decisions. Today, Sports Illustrated released its 2018 swimsuit issue, featuring one of our fave ladies, Kate. In the issue, she’s posing on a rock at the beach, like a human mermaid, wearing a tule skirt and nothing else.

We’re obsessed with everything Kate does. So let’s get back to her and Justin’s cute love life, shall we? To the outside observer who spends a little too much time deep-diving through celebrity Instagrams, Upton and Verlander (Uplander? Verton?) are the kind of steadfast, almost sickeningly adorable couple that could inspire Lifetime movies or sell their own branded roses.

And so, to remind single people of just how single they are and to strike envy into the hearts of couples everywhere (Kidding! Sort of) we’re examining their love story with all the wistful delight of a pre-teen discovering The Notebook.

Upton and Verlander dated for around three years before getting engaged in 2016 and married in November 2017. Still, one of their most powerful moments happened just last week when Upton spoke out about her alleged harassment by Guess co-founder Paul Marciano. Instead of staying silent, Verlander made it clear that he will be there for his wife not just behind closed doors, but on public platforms as well.

The pair also consult one another when making big decisions. When Verlander decided to sign to the Houston Astros, for example, he did it with Upton’s full support.

“I’m still pacing and I just kind of stop and I looked at Kate and I go ‘Screw it; We’re going to Houston,'” he recalled to Sports Illustrated. “And she’s like ‘Heck yeah.’ You know I’m kind of trying to say the right language here. But she says ‘Heck yeah, we’re going,’ and that was it. That was the decision.”

They make sacrifices for each other, regardless of how silly they may seem. Justin, for example, has allergies — but he didn’t let that stop Kate from having all of the florals at their wedding.

They celebrate each others’ victories, even when they almost miss their own wedding to do so.

Oh, and they both have graced Sports Illustrated covers, which doesn’t make them ship-worthy by itself, but…actually, it kind of does.

These two also seem crazy compatible and love to mess around together, whether that means filming elaborate Dubsmashes to Step Brothers

…or being totally comfortable in one another’s company.

Happy Valentine’s to Kate and Justin…

…and Kate and Justin only!