Nicole Pomarico
June 27, 2018 10:45 am

Even though we hope the Queen of England will live forever, eventually, the day will come when Prince Charles steps in to take her place, and after that, Prince William is up. But now we know what Kate Middleton’s title will be when her husband becomes king, and OMG — get ready to cry when you hear this.

According to The Express, when it’s Williams turn to assume the throne, Middleton will be offered the title of Princess of Wales…and yes, that’s the same title that Princess Diana once held. Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, was also offered this title when they got married, but out of respect for Diana, she doesn’t use it. So far, it’s not clear whether or not Middleton will officially use the title either.

But if she does, it will be an emotional choice — and it might mean a lot to William for his wife to have his mother’s former title.

It’s pretty obvious that the couple has tried to do what they can to keep her memory alive, like including “Diana” in Charlotte’s full name. Could this be a way to continue that tradition? The Express also added that when William is king, Middleton will be known as Catherine, Queen Consort. Goodbye, Duchess of Cambridge.

Thinking of Middleton as the Princess of Wales someday is making us emotional. Will we ever get over Diana’s death? Probably not, but seeing Middleton take that title is really going to bring on the tears…of happiness.

Whatever Middleton decides to do when the time comes — and hopefully, it’s a long, long time from now — we’re sure she’ll make the right decision. We just wish Diana was still here to see how her sons have grown up to be awesome men with beautiful families. She’d be so proud.