Toria Sheffield
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 5:53 pm

We’ve often look to Kate Middleton for style inspo (because let’s be real, she is elegance incarnate), but this means we sometimes forget to mention how awesome she is as an actual human. And what Middleton recently had to say about parenting — and specifically the values she wants to impart on little George and Charlotte — has us cheering.

Speaking to a group of school children to kick off the start of Children’s Mental Health Week, Kate said,

Credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

She also said, “People often ask me why I am so interested in the mental health of children and young people. The answer is quite simple: it is because I think that every child should have the best possible start in life.”

We genuinely love that Kate Middleton (and husband William and brother-in-law Harry) use their incredibly public and powerful platform to help educate others about mental health issues and destigmatize mental illness as a whole. These are such vital issues that so often fly under the radar, and we appreciate their efforts so incredibly much.

Way to rock your role model status, Kate!