Arielle Tschinkel
Updated Apr 23, 2020 @ 1:03 pm

Kate Middleton isn’t just a duchess; she’s proven that she’s quite the photographer, too. Her latest family photos for Prince Louis’s second birthday might just be the cutest—and most relatable—pics she’s shot yet. Parents the world over will understand what happens when you give a toddler free reign with rainbow-colored paint. (Honestly, we’d probably do the same.)

First of all, yes: Prince Louis is already 2 years old. It really does feel like yesterday that Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third baby into the world. Ahead of his big day, mama Middleton shared a gallery of the moment she captured her youngest playing with paint in all shades of the rainbow. While they were all sweet, the photo she shared on his actual birthday had us LOL-ing. The duchess joined the ranks of one of the most relatable social media memes out there.

Check out the frame-worthy shots of Prince Louis from the day before his birthday, April 22nd. His artwork—a rainbow handprint on construction paper—shows off his budding artistic talents.

Then, there’s the post she shared on his big day, April 23rd. It shows the before and after of what happens when you give a tot free access to finger paint. Messy? Yep. Cute beyond measure? Totally.

The first photo shows Prince Louis ready to create his masterpiece. The second, presumably, is after he finished. We get it. It’s hard to resist smearing paint all over your face.

In her caption, Middleton wrote, “🌈 Instagram vs Reality,” thanking followers for their “lovely messages on Prince Louis’ second birthday!”

Louis’s grandpa, Prince Charles, also shared a photo and birthday wishes to celebrate his big day. While it’s definitely less colorful, it’s no less sweet. Fair warning: You might shed a tear or two at this one.

So sweet! Here’s hoping Louis is having the best day filled with tons of his favorite treats and, of course, more fun art projects.