Karen Belz
Updated February 07, 2018 1:16 pm

Aside from being smart, funny, and super talented, Kate Beckinsale and Sarah Silverman have another thing in common — they both dated, and broke up with, Michael Sheen. Beckinsale and Sheen were together for eight years from 1995 to 2003 and have a daughter together. Silverman was with Sheen for four years before they recently called it quits.

On Twitter, Silverman revealed that they broke up during the holidays due to distance. “No fight,” she said. “We just live in different countries and it got hard.” So we’re guessing that, with time, she’ll end up maintaining a strong friendship with Sheen — just like Beckinsale did.

And in true #breakupgoals, Beckinsale was nothing but supportive of Silverman and her relationship with Sheen. The actress once mentioned on The Talk that “[she’d] love her if she didn’t have anything to do with Michael.” She continued, “I’m just glad Michael found her. I think, especially actors for some reason, they think you’re throwing shoes at each other and plotting each other’s death—we’re not. She’s lovely.”

So it makes sense that Beckinsale would send over the best gift ever to help Silverman get through the break-up.

Well, at least we can credit the breakup with giving us a new way to enjoy M&Ms. Oh, and Silverman accidentally announced the breakup on Sheen’s birthday, which they also seemed to have a laugh about.

We’re wishing Sarah Silverman nothing but happiness and warm M&Ms as she moves forward — because friends or not, breakups are tough.