Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 06, 2016 @ 6:39 am
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Sometimes we’re just craving some good news, and we’ve got some: Kanye West’s childhood home is going to turn into a “community arts incubator” for at-risk youth. Located in the south side of Chicago, it’s being transformed by the Donda’s House charity, and will be one of several spaces dedicated to the arts. It’s actually so amazing.

This truly incredible news comes from a post by Rhymefest, who Rolling Stone calls “Kanye West’s protégé.”

He explained why Kanye’s childhood home is being changed, saying,

According to a statement on the website, Kanye’s childhood home being turned into an art space for at-risk youth is going to do a whole lot of good.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The statement continues on to explain how Donda’s House will fill that gap. It says,

We’re *so* here for this. Talk about a truly amazing project! You can support this awesome move by donating, and keeping up with the awesome work that’s sure to come from this collab!