Kanye West
Credit: TMZ

Just when you thought Kanye West had escaped his sunken place, he manages to step it up a notch, and his latest statement did more than just raise eyebrows — it sparked massive Twitter outrage. During an appearance on TMZ Live, the rapper made an extremely offensive and erroneous statement, saying that the 400 years African Americans spent being enslaved “sounds like a choice.” No, seriously.

Naturally, his words caused a stir, and TMZ staffer Van Lathan stood up to respond and put Kanye in his place.

Lathan isn’t the only one who expressed his disappointment over Kanye’s misguided statements. The whole of Twitterverse seems to echo his sentiments, and didn’t hold back on their thoughts. false



We’re glad that there are people like Van Lathan who aren’t afraid to put influential people like Kanye West in their place, and actually put in the effort to educate him. Let’s just hope Ye listens this time.