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Updated May 19, 2019

WARNING: Big Bang Theory series finale spoilers ahead.

Saying goodbye to Penny on The Big Bang Theory after 12 seasons isn’t easy for Kaley Cuoco, but she seems more than content with the way the writers wrapped up her character’s arc. As fans surely know by now, Penny is pregnant (after several years of being unsure about whether or not she wanted kids).

Cuoco revealed her thoughts on the writers’ decision while speaking to USA Today.

Co-creator Chuck Lorre also added his two cents about the pregnancy. “[It] just felt like a natural progression,” he said. “When we leave these characters and say goodbye to them, we know their life is continuing and expanding. And that just felt right, that life was expanding.”

Executive producer Steve Holland added, “There was a line in the pilot we kept going back to where Leonard says, ‘Our babies will be smart and beautiful.’ That felt like a lovely bow to tie up their relationship. Pregnancies can sometimes be an expected thing in a finale, and hopefully writing against it for most of the season gave us a chance to have one last surprise.”

In a May 1st interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, May 1st, during the cast’s handprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, Cuoco also said,

“This has been a stress for months [for] us actors, and the writers: ‘How’s this gonna end?’ ” the actress said of their thoughts leading up to the emotional final table read. “This is my legacy of this character, on and on.”

The cast has been open about all the tears that have flowed over the past few weeks, from their final table read of the episode to filming the finale this past Tuesday night, April 29th.

“It started with reading that initial script, and then last night shooting it in front of the audience and this morning with the hands at Mann’s Chinese [Theatre],” she shared. “It’s just been a beautiful tribute to our show…I just feel so grateful. It’s been a gift—a gift of 12 years.”

And it’s possible we haven’t seen the last of Penny—Cuoco revealed that she would possibly consider a spin-off or revival under one big condition.

“The only person I would say yes to is Chuck Lorre,” she said of the show’s creator and executive producer. “So, if Chuck came and said, ‘Let’s do it,’ I’d say yes. Other than that, I don’t see a spin-off for myself. But I don’t like to say no to Chuck. So if he wanted it, I’m in!”

Thanks for everything, guys.