Still heartsick over the absence of Barack Obama in our lives? Well, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron have moved on — and so should you. But unlike your bestie’s recent rebound romance, this is a courtship you can actually feel good about.

Sparks flew between the bromantic Prime Minister of Canada and the newly elected president of France at Friday’s G7 Summit in Sicily, Italy, with photos emerging of the pair strolling side-by-side along a flower-lined path, chatting casually on a balcony overlooking the Italian countryside, and making serious eyes with one another inside a Hotel Villa Schuler conference room.

Get ready for some heart-eye-emoji realness.

We can’t.

Our hearts!

Just. Too. Much.

But the internet wasn’t the only one feeling the love.

Following their meet cute, the two men took to social media to express their mutual admiration and excitement for their budding friendship, with Macron tweeting, “The French-Canadian friendship has a new face.” Indeed. And a handsome one at that.

Not the kind of person to ghost a new crush, Trudeau showed Macron some love with an equally aww-dorable tweet.

Let’s hope the love lasts — and spreads. The leaders attended the G7 Summit to discuss world issues including terrorism, the Syrian civil war, North Korea’s flirtation with nuclear weaponry, and the state of the economy with geopolitical players from around the globe. With the so much at stake, alliances are key and even the smallest gesture of friendship can go a long way toward establishing lasting peace.

For now, pardon us while we swoon. MacDeau 4-EVA!