P. Claire Dodson
Updated Feb 05, 2018 @ 12:49 pm

As you probably saw, Justin Timberlake returned to the Super Bowl stage this year for the first time since 2004. That year, if you remember, he caused a wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson‘s stage costume. The infamous entertainment moment barely had any effect on Timberlake’s career, but it effectively changed Jackson’s forever.

That’s why at this year’s big game, people were on high alert for possible Jackson moments. Some people thought she might even perform with Timberlake. Maybe it could be a moment where he redeemed himself from almost ruining her career. But there ended up being no Jackson performance. Instead, Justin sang “Rock Your Body,” which happens to be the song he was singing with Jackson when the wardrobe malfunction occurred.

The moment could be an unfortunate coincidence. But you’d think his team would have kept an eye out for any reference to Jackson that would be deemed rude or careless.

Twitter found the song inclusion pretty inconsiderate, to say the least. This faux pas could have been so easily avoided. Why not sing “What Goes Around Comes Around?” Or “Like I Love You?” Or better yet, use the moment to reference the NSYNC days (Timberlake’s boy band days were sadly unrepresented). We really could have used some “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

Now, people are saying that Timberlake screwed up.

Some recommended he apologize for the 2004 incident instead.


It just seems like it would have been so easy to avoid this debacle altogether. The dude has a bunch more songs. Honestly, we could have just listened to him sing “Cry Me A River” for 15 minutes straight. Now, let’s start campaigning for a Janet Jackson halftime show for Super Bowl 53.