One thing you can always count on the internet for: opinions! And majooooor national sporting events are certainly no exception. What we really looked forward to was reading everybody’s takes on the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show — almost as much as we looked forward to the halftime show itself.

Neither Justin Timberlake nor the Twitterverse disappointed when it came to giving us the best takes and, of course, the best jokes. Here’s a list of our thirteen favorites, though we could probably go on almost as long as the Super Bowl. (Seriously, how long is this thing? Can the Patriots just lose already? Can we all just agree that’s the best possible outcome?)

1. We thought the intro looked familiar, too. false

2. In addition to noting some sick dance moves, we all noticed how intent the selfie kid was with his phone, so we’re glad Twitter agrees.

3. Some people were, tbh, a little demoralized by how ridiculously cool Justin Timberlake is? Guys, he’s a dad. He has no right to this level of cool. false

4. Some people just remembered their undying tweenage love for JT.

5. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… and there was a lot of imitation in the Twitterverse.

6. It wouldn’t be the internet if people didn’t have strong opinions on his sartorial choices. Because if we’re honest: same.

7. Regardless of his outfit, JT definitely impressed many fans.

8. There was no shortage of praise for Justin Timberlake’s undeniable talent.

9. But of course, the internet had criticisms.

10. There were people who weren’t super thrilled with the halftime show. A+ GIF usage, though. false

11. And they had REASONS. Like the lack of NSYNC. Which, fair.

12. More importantly, the dubious use of Prince’s image definitely raised some eyebrows.

13. But we can all agree — the view outside of the stadium was aaaaamazing.