super bowl prince
Credit: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images

This year’s 2018 Super Bowl halftime show definitely got a reaction. While some people loved Justin Timberlake’s performance, some people were not so thrilled — specifically with JT’s use of a projection of Prince to complement his performance. While we’re all down for a little more Prince in our lives, Justin Timberlake allegedly assured a concerned friend of Prince’s that he wouldn’t be doing that in deference to the late artist’s own wishes.

Something we can definitely get behind, though, is the fact that it’s barely been an hour and the internet is already fully turning this projection into a meme.

Like this amazing version where instead of Prince, Justin Timberlake projected an image of Barb from Stranger Things.

We think Barb totally deserved this honor, and we haven’t been able to find any secret interview with Barb where she objected to being a hologram in another artist’s show, so, like, it’s a good idea, is what we’re saying.

Or this version: Instead of streaming Prince on to the screen, they cast Dave Chapelle as Prince, which honestly, feels like a loophole but we still like it.


We hope that this meme continues. We’d love to see more of everybody’s takes on who maaaaybe would’ve been a better choice to be Justin Timberlake’s virtual duet partner than Prince. The options are endless, and can only IMAGINE the possibilities with all of the brilliance and weirdness of the internet putting its mind to it. This might be our new favorite meme.