Olivia Harvey
Updated January 31, 2019

You know you’ve found true love when your partner quietly films you while you nap in a car and then shares the footage with the whole world…right? Case in point, pop star Justin Timberlake filmed his wife, Jessica Biel, sleeping in a taxi before a big night out for his birthday. “Gotta work tomorrow for my bday so wifey really going all out tonight…” Timberlake captioned his January 30th Instagram video (the singer turns 38 today, January 31st).

Listen, sometimes all you need is a five-minute car nap to ensure the night is that much more enjoyable. It was a Wednesday, after all. Plus, we already know how much Biel likes her naps. On March 13th, 2018 she posted, “I’m a day late to celebrate #nationalnappingday because I was… you know. Doing this.” Fair enough. We’ll let it slide.

However, we’re fully confident Biel rallied—because this is a couple that clearly knows how to have fun.

Then again, perhaps the night was a little bit more low-key. And low-key nights are equally just as great.

Take your five-minute naps, ladies and gents (and make sure someone you love films you). Then go party like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are watching.