After getting married in a courthouse in September 2018, Hailey and Justin Bieber have been adapting to life as a newly-wedded couple. And in the latest Vogue cover story, the Biebers opened up about their relationship, including Justin’s period of celibacy before they got married. In the candid profile published today, February 7th, Justin revealed that before reconnecting with Hailey in June 2018, he had a “legitimate problem with sex.” He told the magazine that, as a result, he remained celibate for more than a year, partly for religious reasons and partly to avoid “hurt and pain.”

The pop star did admit that part of the reason he and Hailey tied the knot so soon was because they wanted to consummate their relationship. But more importantly, he said that running into her again after time apart made his feelings come flooding back.

For her part, Hailey acknowledged that being married isn’t necessarily easy, especially as two young people who are still figuring things out. But she made it clear that she doesn’t regret it.

We’re wishing the Biebers all the best as they continue to navigate this new phase of life.