Caitlin Gallagher
August 14, 2017 5:07 pm

Too often, sexual assault occurs with no legal consequences for the perpetrators. However, when it comes to the case of Taylor Swift countersuing former radio DJ David Mueller for alleged assault and battery, the jury ruled in favor of Swift after almost four hours of deliberation on August 14th. It’s a major win for the singer, but it’s also significant that a jury recognized that victims should not be blamed for their assaulter’s behavior.

Mueller had sued Swift for allegedly pressuring his former employer at the Denver radio station KYGO to fire him. Swift had claimed that Mueller groped her during a photo opp in 2013, so his lawsuit prompted her to countersue the DJ.

She wasn’t looking for money (in fact, she only asked for $1); she was asking not to be held responsible for his inappropriate actions.

On Friday, August 11th, the judge threw out Mueller’s lawsuit against Swift, stating that there was insufficient evidence. And while that was a reason to rejoice for Swift fans, the jury’s August 14th ruling is perhaps even more important — since the jury of six women and two men found that Mueller had indeed groped Swift four years ago.

After the verdict, Swift released the following statement:

When Swift took to the stand on Thursday, August 10th, she gave a strong, unwavering testimony that Mueller had grabbed her “bare ass cheek,” and she never backed down from her statement. It was courageous regardless of who she is, but Swift still recognized in her statement how her celebrity and fame gave her an advantage. She used that advantage for good — to not only right a wrong that had personally affected her, but to help future victims.

We applaud Swift for standing up to defend herself, and with the jury’s decision, she has made a massive and positive impact on the way that victims should be treated in court and by the public.