The beauty of a dramatic hair change is that it can make you feel entirely like yourself even if it’s radically different from what you’ve always had. Julianne Hough just dyed her hair a beautiful shade of red and she seems to feel pretty self-actualized with her new hair. We love how a simple color change can be so powerful.

Red hair is notoriously difficult both to apply and to maintain, so it’s no surprise that Julianne went to the top celebrity hairstylists at NineZeroOne Salon in Los Angeles. Alchemist Amber took her from her sunny signature blonde hair to romantic, sexy red locks. Amber also works with celebrities like Abigail Breslin, Demi Lovato, and Chelsea Peretti, to name just a few. So it’s no surprise that Julianne decided Amber was the woman for this job.

This particular shade of red looks natural, with hints of auburn and rust. The actress confessed on Instagram that she’s always wanted to have red hair, and we’re glad she finally listened to her gut and went for it. Julianne wrote:

She added:

The star revealed that she now has matching eyebrows, which means she’s fully taken the plunge.

If you’re in the LA area and are looking to go red, it looks like Alchemist Amber at NineZeroOne Salon is the way to go, because we’re not quite sure how it could get better than that.