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People are communicating though text more and more these days. But you might be shocked to find out that your texts can get you in trouble. That’s right – a judge just used emoji to help determine a ruling in court. And it cost a couple thousands of dollars.

Most people don’t think social media can get you into trouble, including our current president. But a case in Israel has proved that this is just not true. A landlord looking to rent out his house took a couple to small claims court over their text conversation…and won!

So you might want to think twice before sending that poop emoji.

Here’s how it all went down. Basically, a landlord in Israel was looking to rent out his home and placed an ad. A couple responded to that ad and they started talking over text. Obviously, they talked logistics and budget, with everything seemingly going well for both parties. By the end, the landlord was basically convinced that the couple was going to rent from him so he took the house off the market.

While the house was off the market, the couple ghosted on the landlord.

In addition to not renting the place out to them, the landlord lost out on an opportunity to sell to others. Frustrated and angry, he got the case to small claims court.

And the crazy thing is that the judge actually ruled in his favor!

In conclusion, the judge felt that the emoji this couple sent the landlord showed intent in renting. This resulted in them having to pay a $2,200 fine.

This Twitter user summed up this story perfectly.

So next time you are sending people texts, make sure that you are being very clear with your intent. Otherwise you might just find yourself in court.