Anyone who’s seen the 2009 hit (500) Days of Summer knows there’s a ton to love about the movie (no other rom-com features an entire dance routine to Hall & Oates’s “You Make My Dreams,” after all). But even though the movie is delightful, the two leads—played perfectly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel—aren’t exactly an aspirational couple. Tom and Summer’s chemistry is initially swoon-worthy, but soon their relationship devolves into distance, resentment, and an inevitable breakup. While it’s easy to read the movie as another tale of a man being “friend-zoned,” Gordon-Levitt recently set the record straight about how Tom is definitely the one to blame for his heartbreak.

Back in January, a fan of the movie tweeted that he still couldn’t forgive Deschanel for “what she did to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘500 Days of Summer.'” (In case you need a refresher, Summer tells Tom she doesn’t believe in love or serious relationships, and he’s ultimately heartbroken when she can’t give him what he wants).

On August 6th, Gordon-Levitt came to Summer’s defense and offered some solid advice.

Other Twitter users thanked Gordon-Levitt for stepping in. And some pointed out that Tom idealizes Summer so much that he fails to listen when she makes it clear she just wants to be friends.

This isn’t the first time Gordon-Levitt has opened up about Tom’s questionable behavior. According to HuffPost, in 2012 Gordon-Levitt told Playboy that the character was not a role model.

We’re literally cheering. And also craving a (500) Days of Summer viewing.