Bennett said he "ugly-cried the ugliest cry anyone has ever cried" when Vaughan proposed.
jonathan bennett jaymes vaughn
Credit: @jonathandbennett, Instagram

This isn’t a regular engagement, this is a Mean Girls engagement. Jonathan Bennett (who, as you undoubtedly already know, played heartthrob Aaron Samuels in the 2004 film) just got engaged to his boyfriend Jaymes Vaughan, a TV host and mastermind behind what is probably the cutest proposal of all time, the details of which the couple shared in an exclusive interview with People.

While Bennett was shooting his upcoming Hallmark Channel movie The Christmas House — the first-ever Hallmark holiday movie featuring a gay lead — Vaughan went to work with his music-producer friend to craft a bespoke proposal song for Bennett.

“It’s amazing what magic can happen with a friend and a guitar when you’re trying to create something to tell someone you want to spend forever with them,” Vaughan told People.

When Bennett returned home from shooting, he "was told we were going to be taking family Christmas card photos."

“My sister shouted for me to come outside real quick’ and my F.O.M.O. kicked in so I ran outside,” Bennett explained. “Then I looked over and saw Jaymes holding a sign that said ‘We never did find our song, so I wrote it for you.’ That’s when I knew I was getting proposed to because it was the same type of sign he made when he told me he loved me for the first time.”

He then proceeded to “ugly-cry the ugliest cry anyone has ever cried,” which, same.

Then Vaughan played the song he had written and recorded over a backyard speaker, which Bennett described as “the most beautiful song I had ever heard.” As Bennett continued to “black out and ugly-cry” and “hysterically scream,” Vaughan got down on one knee and proposed. Obviously, Bennett said yes. 

The two initially met in 2016, when Vaughan was promoting his show Celebrity Page on Bennett’s show Halloween Wars. Bennett apparently asked for Vaughan’s number, and the two proceeded to fall madly in love—“the thing people make movies about or, I guess in this case, write songs about,” Bennett told People.   

If this isn’t a lesson in being brave and asking someone you think is cute for their number (or Instagram handle—whatever floats your boat), we simply do not know what is. Congratulations to happiest, ugly-crying couple in the world.