It’s been nearly six years since the Jonas Brothers split up, devastating countless fans in the process (we’re honestly still processing). In that time, the brothers have gone on to pursue individual creative projects, but we’ve secretly all held out hope they might one day reunite. In January 2018, the brothers even sparked rumors they might be getting back together when their official Instagram account was (briefly) reactivated. And now, it seems like the band could actually be planning a reunion.

Sources recently told Us Weekly that Nick, Kevin, and Joe are working on a comeback under the name “JONAS,” and additional sources now claim that the brothers plan to release a new single, called “Sucker,” on Friday, March 1st. The official Jonas Brother Twitter account has also recently been wiped clean…seemingly in preparation for something big.

And Twitter has lost its damn mind.

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Of course, without any official announcement from the Jonas crew, we can’t say this is happening for sure quite yet. In a 2018 interview with Ryan Seacrest on Live From the Red Carpet (after the Instagram-reactivation incident) Nick denied rumors of a possible reunion or collab, but he didn’t rule it out entirely.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Nick, Kevin, and Joe confirm the speculation…and soon.