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After a two-week hiatus that seemed to last forever, Last Week Tonight is back and John Oliver has finally turned his attention to an issue dominating the news cycle: the Syrian refugee crisis.

In last night’s episode of the show, Oliver took an 18-minute deep dive into the issue, including the racism and intolerance many refugees are facing not only in Europe, but right here in the U.S. (“Terrorists Inbound?” read one Fox News segment). He also touched on widespread beliefs that Syrian refugees are looking for handouts.

“Research has shown that while there is some small cost in the short-term,” says Oliver. “Eventually, an influx of low-wage immigrants into a community tends to raise wages for everyone else. Adding immigrants makes things better 19 times out of 20—that’s a success rate matched only by bacon and Paul Rudd.”

Check out the whole illuminating, important (and, of course, a little hilarious) segment below: