On May 20th, Chrissy Teigen gifted the world with the name of her sweet newborn boy — Miles Theodore. And John Legend just shared the meaning behind baby Miles’ name.

As most know, aside from being half of one of our favorite celebrity couples, Legend is a musician (he and Teigen actually met on the set of one of his music videos). Meaning music is a key part of their lives…and Miles’ name reflects that. Legend says he’s named after legendary jazz musician Miles Davis.

Legend also revealed that they weren’t 100% sure of the name before Teigen gave birth, but it just seemed to fit once they met him.

The much-anticipated birth was initially announced on May 17th. He was an early surprise, as Teigen’s initial due date was in June.

We’re officially in love with baby Miles Theodore, and we especially love the fact that this Little Legend is named after another musical legend (see what we did there)?