John Krasinski has remained, well, quiet on details regarding his sequel to A Quiet Place, but the director finally released a first glimpse on Twitter as filming comes to an end. On September 25th, Krasinski, who returns to helm the new film, shared a photo on social media of himself walking hand-in-hand with Emily Blunt (back as Evelyn Abbott) on a familiar bridge. Both are walking along a trail of sand to dampen the sound of their steps.

Is this a still from the movie? A flashback perchance? Or a behind-the-scenes photo? We have questions.

Blunt reunites with A Quiet Place co-stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, who play her on-screen children, in the sequel. Presumably, it will continue the story of the Abbott family fighting to survive in a world where vicious monsters roam the land using their keen hearing to hunt. Though, there’s one notable exception to the character lineup. (Watch the first movie to find out who.)

Discussing the potential for a sequel before one was formally announced, Blunt mused to EW,

Cillian Murphy joined the production as a new character, described as a man with mysterious intentions who encounters the family. Djimon Hounsou also features as a replacement for Brian Tyree Henry, who bowed out due to scheduling conflicts. As Krasinski’s tweet reminds us, the untitled A Quiet Place 2 will be released in theaters March 20th, 2020.