Jandra Sutton
March 18, 2018 10:34 am
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Last week, Sterling K. Brown served up Saturday Night Live gold when he played Ben Carson in This Is U.S. Now, after another crazy week in politics, the latest SNL cold open took aim at the sudden firings of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. In a parody of Anderson Cooper 360, John Goodman made a surprise visit to reprise his role as an now-unhinged Tillerson.

The star-studded skit started with Alex Moffat as Anderson Cooper, diving straight into the recent dismissals from the Trump administration — including the fact that McCabe’s happened just days before he would’ve qualified to receive his pension. Moffat was joined by Kate McKinnon returning as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who tried (and failed) to explain why McCabe was fired.

“Mr. McCabe was in clear violation, um, because of his lack of candor…I don’t know. I can’t even dance around it,” McKinnon said in the cold open. “Trump made me do it.”

And Tillerson’s firing? Well, it’s both hilarious and sad. Goodman played up Tillerson’s “gracious exit” from the White House, though he was definitely struggling to keep his cool.

“It just wasn’t a good fit, but these things happen,” Goodman said.

The SNL sketch came after rumors that Tillerson was fired via a tweet from Donald Trump, something Goodman hilariously denied. “John Kelly called me and asked where I was. I said, ‘Sir, that’s private,'” Goodman-as-Tillerson said. “He said ‘Oh good, are you on the toilet? Because I got some news.'” (Yes, that’s apparently what Kelly told a group of reporters about how he told Tillerson he’d soon be put out to pasture.)

John Goodman’s portrayal of Rex Tillerson definitely qualifies as must-watch TV.

Bill Hader, who hosted this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, also appeared in the cold open as Anthony Scaramucci alongside former SNL cast member Fred Armisen as Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury.

“Rexy, I’m really sorry about what happened,” Hader’s Scaramucci said. “You and I, uh, you know, we’re kind of the same now, right?”

John Goodman took a moment to laugh before he replied, “No.”

While we definitely laughed at Goodman’s portrayal of a Tillerson freed from the White House, the real problems within the Trump administration are definitely cause for concern. We can only hope for better days in the future, but until then, we’re counting down the days until Roseanne returns to television. Honestly? John Goodman as Dan Conner gives us life.