Caitlin Flynn
Updated Nov 22, 2016 @ 5:14 pm
Supporters Of Joe Biden Hold Rally In Front Of His Washington DC Residence
Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Even during the darkest times, we can always count on Vice President Joe Biden to bring a smile to our faces — and not just because a series of hilarious memes have gone viral and provided some much-needed laughter during the painful election aftermath.

On November 22nd, approximately two dozen people congregated around Biden’s residence to express their appreciation for the beloved vice president’s service to our country over the past eight years — but none of them expected a surprise visit from Uncle Joe himself.
The small group was understandably ecstatic when Biden emerged from his motorcade to give an impromptu speech as his supporters cheered him on.

President Obama Makes At Statement At White House After Presidential Election
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The “Thank you, Uncle Joe” rally was organized by Democrats who wanted to highlight the positive by honoring President Obama and Biden rather than focusing on the pain of Trump’s victory.