Nicole Pomarico
September 18, 2018 1:19 pm

Considering most of us were kids when we were introduced to the magical world of Harry Potterchances are that meeting Ron and Harry’s BFF, Hermione Granger, in the books was your first run-in with someone with that name…and you probably had no clue how to pronounce it. Thankfully, in Goblet of Fire, there was a scene where Hermione’s name was spelled out phonetically, and if this was the first time you figured out how to pronounce it the right way, you weren’t the only one (even if it did take you four books to get there).

But as it turns out, this wasn’t just a coincidence—author J.K. Rowling was actually looking out for all of us. Of course, we’ve always suspected that’s what she was doing, but now we know for sure.

In a tweet to a fan on Monday, Rowling confirmed that the scene where Hermione teaches Victor Krum how to say her name was definitely written so that fans would know how to say it, too. Sneaky sneaky, Rowling.

In the passage in question, Krum thinks it’s “Her-my-own,” and TBH, so did a lot of us at first. Then, she explains it’s “Her-my-oh-nee.” Even then, he still doesn’t get it, but don’t worry—the rest of us did. And by the time the Harry Potter books made their way to the big screen, hearing the name out loud in reference to Emma Watson’s character really drove the point home.

Of course, a lot has changed since then, and most people can pronounce “Hermione” with ease. In fact, thanks to the beloved Hogwarts student finding her way into the hearts of millions, BabyCenter reports that the popularity of this name has been rising since 2004. And if those kids have a hard time getting their classmates to understand the pronunciation in kindergarten, they can point them to Harry Potter. Problem solved.