Credit: Nomi Ellenson/Getty Images

There are a ton of conflicting feelings and emotions swirling around last night’s incredibly historic presidential election. And, as usual, one of our most beloved people had something incredibly wise to share in the aftermath.

As in, J.K. Rowling’s election Tweets called out the issue of bullying in the most heartfelt, eloquent, and baddass way possible.

Remember when she had an incredibly wise thing to say about Trump’s debate performance? And the time she made a really good point about freedom of speech? Somehow, Rowling always has the right words! This time, her Tweets were focused on calling out Trump-supporting internet trolls who attack her online.

When a Twitter user told her to stop paying them attention because it would only fuel more mean comments, Rowling’s responses were bold.

And here’s where the brilliant challenge comes in.

How do we move forward? We become stronger than ever before.

Even after being trolled, Rowling maintained her sense of humor.

Asked to mind her own business, Rowling reminded the world about this fact.

As you move through the day today and fully digest the election result, let Rowling’s power mantra echo in your mind:

“We stand together. We stick up for the vulnerable. We challenge bigots. We don’t let hate speech become normalized. We hold the line.”

She is absolutely 100% right, and as intelligent women and men we must challenge ourselves and others to be the best people and fight for issues we believe in. ALWAYS.

Thanks for the reminder, madame.