Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Mar 15, 2018 @ 10:19 am

We can always count on Jimmy Kimmel to call out Donald Trump. During the Wednesday, March 14th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel questioned the Trump family’s claim that they’re focused on supporting American-made products and goods. He decided to order some merchandise from the family’s official online store, TrumpStore.com, to see just how many items were actually American-made. Then, he unboxed the products on the air. You can probably already guess how it went.

First, Kimmel pulled out a white Trump golf hat. Its label clearly read “Made in China.” Next came a Trump coffee mug. Printed on the bottom was “Made in Thailand.” There was also a Trump golf club cover, a Trump signature duffel bag, a Trump signature shoe bag, and a blanket — all from China.

The more items Kimmel pulled out of the box, the clearer it became that the Trump family’s online store was not actually supporting American-made products and goods. It became a game of sorts to see if the audience could guess where the items came from. But then, Kimmel came to some items that didn’t have a country of origin listed. So he decided to do a little digging.

Kimmel looked up the requirements for country of origin marking on goods imported into the United States.

It turns out that all goods imported into the U.S. are required to be marked with where they came from. Failure to include these labels can result in some serious financial penalties. So Kimmel decided to take action against Trump.

Watch Kimmel unbox the items and call out the Trump family below.

Sure, this is a funny bit for Kimmel’s monologue. But it’s also an important reminder that the Trump family doesn’t always practice what they preach.