Anna Sheffer
Updated Mar 05, 2018 @ 10:53 am

Last night, March 4th, the 2018 Academy Awards honored excellence in film-making. As is tradition, winners in categories like Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Original Song took the stage to claim gold statuettes. But just as nominees received “consolation puppies” at the 2018 Grammys, there was another unconventional prize at the 2018 Oscars. One lucky person took home a jet ski.

Host Jimmy Kimmel pledged to give a jet ski and a trip to Lake Havasu in Arizona to the Oscar winner who gave the shortest speech, so in this case it seems that tine really is valuable. He told nominees that he would time their speeches with a stopwatch and displayed the prize with the help of Helen Mirren, to show that he was completely serious. The green Kawasaki water vehicle was worth nearly $18,000.

So who was the lucky winner?

Mark Bridges, who accepted the award for Best Costume Design for Phantom Thread, took home the jet ski. Kimmel reported at the end of the ceremony that the costume designer gave a speech that lasted a mere 36 seconds. As the show wrapped up, Kimmel brought Bridges onstage with Mirren to show off his winnings. But Bridges said that he was surprised when he was pulled from his seat as the awards show neared its close, especially since he wasn’t trying to win the prize.

While some, like Best Actress winner Frances McDormand, used their acceptance speeches to advocate for diversity and social change, Bridges kept his address brief and direct. He thanked the film’s writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson, the actors, his crew, and the Academy before stepping off the stage.

Congratulations to Bridges on both his Oscar and his jet ski. And congratulations to all of last night’s nominees!