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Updated March 06, 2019 9:27 am
Michael Kovac/Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty

Dancer. Actor. Magic Mike. Channing Tatum is a lot of things, and thanks to Jessie J, all of her followers know that the multi-hyphenate talent is also a poet for the digital age. Jessie J shared his work on her Instagram story, giving the world a peek at all the ways Tatum showers her with compliments. “Yes I won’t rest till I caress Fresh face Jess,” he wrote. “I will finesse till Success. Never digress. Just progress. Bless.”

Jessie responded with a selfie, but let’s go back to Tatum’s wordplay. He’s got a style all his own, even though the rhyme scheme isn’t exactly original. The highlight here, obviously, is how clearly infatuated he is with Jessie. She replied, “Hahahaha,” and tossed in, “Baaaarrs yeah,” for good measure.

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