Jessica Simpson
Credit: ason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Parenting isn’t easy — and parenting in the public eye can be downright brutal. Celeb moms get criticized about everything from their kids’ clothes, to their haircuts, to even their personal breastfeeding decisions. And this week’s unfair mommy-shame target appears to be Jessica Simpson.

Simpson uploaded a video of her son, Ace, to Instagram on Monday, June 25th. The vid entailed her husband, Eric Johnson, launching their four-year-old into a pool in slow-mo. It was both sweet and super impressive.

And while Ace is clearly crushing life right now, the fact that he was doing back flips in a pool with a recently-broken arm didn’t sit well with some of Simpson’s Instagram followers. A surprising amount of backlash quickly followed.

We’re so tired of seeing strangers critique mothers on social media. Chances are Simpson and her husband know what Ace is and is not allowed to do with his (waterproof) cast, and it’s incredibly presumptuous for Insta users to presume otherwise.

We think one user said it best with,

We agree, and let’s all remember to love a little more and judge a little less today!