Our fearless heroine Jesssssssssica [said in the most Killgrave voice ever] is back, and she is not actually better than ever. Actually, Jessica Jones is kinda going through some stuff right now — you would be, too, if you had just killed your captor, saved Hell’s Kitchen from mythical forces, and learned that you were experimented on in a shady government facility.

On top of that, you died and were brought back to life.

Netflix has just dropped the latest (and maybe last) trailer for Jessica Jones Season 2, which is set to hit the streaming service in March. Our story picks up after the first season of Jessica Jones, and also post-The Defenders. While Jessica certainly seemed fine last time we saw her, things are not great. Things are bad. It seems that in order to move forward with her life, Jessica has to go back to the beginning and revisit the accident that killed her mother, father, and brother — and also her, too. Yeah, Jessica died, and she was scooped up by someone and experimented on. They brought her back to life, and the superhuman powers she now has? Those are a direct side effect of her death and revival.

So if Jessica needs to drink and punch a few walls, we’re going to let her drink and punch a few walls. “What are you going to do?” Malcolm asks, as Jessica storms out of Alias Investigation.

“I don’t know,” she responds. “Depends on if I can get through this night without losing my shit.”

Set to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s haunting “Runaway,” Jessica most certainly loses her shit, and so do we as the trailer closes and Killgrave shows up. Last we saw him, he was dead. But now he’s back and here to haunt Jessica himself.

Can she keep it together, figure out what happened in her past, and move forward with her future? We’ll find out when Jessica Jones Season 2 hits Netflix on March 8th.