Picture of Jessica Biel
Credit: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

In today’s political climate, sex education seems more important than ever. So when we heard that one of our fave celeb couples — Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake – already had a head start on educating their two-and-a-half-year-old son Silas, we were pretty impressed. As we found out recently, Jessica Biel believes that sex education should start young, and she’s putting that belief into practice.

Jessica Biel made an appearance at the 2018 MAKERS Conference on February 6th, and sex and relationships were some of the topics of the day. The panel asked her how parents should pick up sex education where school leaves off. And Biel revealed that she and Timberlake had already begun having “the talk” at home with Silas.

“Well, just in terms of we’re using technical terms and we’re talking about when we shower together and this is what I’ve got, this is what you’ve got and you know we just talk about it. I know he’s really young, but I really believe that you start it this early that there’s no shame. I don’t want to tell him keep your private parts and this and that,” she said at the conference. “It’s a beautiful thing. You have it and mine’s different and it’s cool man and we have to respect ourselves and respect each other, so I believe it starts really young.”

Jessica Biel just wants to be able to talk candidly with her son about sex, and we think that’s really great.

Biel makes a lot of good points. Here’s to better sex education for kids everywhere!