On Tuesday, April 17th, an engine exploded midair on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 from New York to Dallas. The Southwest Airlines pilot landed the plane safely in Philadelphia, but there was sadly one fatality. The explosion caused a window to break, and a passenger was partially sucked out of the plane. A nurse aboard the flight tried to perform CPR midair after the passenger was dragged back into the main cabin, but sadly, nothing could be done. The woman has been identified as Jennifer Riordan of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Riordan was a beloved figure in the Albuquerque community. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, she is survived by her husband Mike, to whom she was married for over 20 years, and their two children. Riordan was the vice president of community relations at Wells Fargo. Her Twitter bio reads, “@wellsfargo proud Team Member. Wife, mom of two, baseball fan, wine and coffee lover, passionate about my community.” She also took part in The Vision Council, which seeks to give children equal opportunities in education.

Riordan’s family released a heartbreaking statement about her death.


Additionally, Wells Fargo released a statement.

Others took to Twitter to mourn Riordan’s loss as well.

Our hearts are with Jennifer Riordan’s family and friends during this difficult time.