Claire Harmeyer
February 12, 2020 10:48 am

It’s been just over one week since Jennifer Lopez and Shakira rocked our worlds during the Super Bowl halftime show, and we’re honestly still reeling from their performance. But now, we’re watching it from a new perspective because Alex Rodriguez just showed us what really went down during the day of the show. Spoiler: J.Lo truly works her ass off. We figured just as much, but seeing it play out in an 11-minute video makes us respect the icon even more.

On February 11th, Jennifer Lopez posted abbreviated videos of behind-the-scenes moments leading up to the Super Bowl halftime show on her Instagram. The singer’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, posted an 11-and-a-half-minute video to his YouTube channel that shows how the day played out, starting with an intense workout for both himself and J.Lo, and ending with the couple celebrating the star’s epic performance. In between, we see J-Lo rehearsing in a locker room for what seems like the entire day, and getting hyped up with her family and team backstage.

Just moments before Lopez takes the Super Bowl stage, A-Rod gushed about his partner on camera.

Afterward, we see clips of J.Lo and Shakira’s incredible performance and A-Rod and his kids (who refer to Lopez as their “stepmom,” which is so sweet) dancing along on the football field. Finally, we get a behind-the-scenes look at their giant celebration.

Watch the full video below.

We’re in our feels seeing A-Rod be so proud and supportive of J.Lo. It seems easy to be proud of the superstar—she clearly works so hard to entertain us. But now, knowing all this background info, we’re going to go watch Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance for the 20th time.