Trilby Beresford
December 20, 2016 10:23 am
Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

In the weeks since the presidential election results, many people have voiced their opinions and concerns in the form of essays and protests. And now that the electoral college has formally elected Donald Trump as president, it’s not surprising that more are joining the conversation.

In fact, Jennifer Lawrence penned an emotional election essay for Vice’s Broadly channel — called Don’t Be Afraid: Be Loud — and she received criticism for targeting her words only to Hillary Clinton supporters. But she responded…

Graceful as always, she addressed the backlash during her appearance on Good Morning America. And we totally get it.

CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

She went on to talk about the female fans who have grown up with her — many whom have now reached voting age now — and how important it was to send a positive message to them.

Yup, we get where she’s coming from! And we’re actually super glad to see someone in J-Law’s position getting involved and trying to make a difference.

And remember, just because the election is over, it doesn’t mean you have to cease involvement in the political conversation. There are plenty of ways to get more involved, such as volunteering, donating to worthy causes, writing essays, and talking to people about your views (especially if those people might be coming from a different perspective!).

All of these things can help — and don’t let anyone make you believe differently!

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