Sophy Ziss
February 27, 2018 12:53 pm

Jennifer Lawrence is doing press for her upcoming spy thriller Red Sparrow, which means it’s officially Relatable Jennifer Lawrence Quote Season. In this case, Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month, and she spoke candidly about what it was like to prepare for the role of ex-ballerina-turned-superspy — and that includes getting real about dieting.

To prepare for her Red Sparrow role, Lawrence trained in ballet for three months, and dieting was a real challenge. The actress has long been outspoken about the pressures of weight and body image in her industry. Just as often, though, she will openly discuss her lack of interest in exercising and general fondness for comfort food.

But with Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence was very “disciplined” about her diet.

A dancer’s strict control over diet and exercise clashed with Lawrence’s relaxed nature. “I can’t work on a diet,” the actress admitted, “I’m hungry. I’m standing on my feet. I need more energy.” Makes total sense. Plus, at one point, she recalls “having a meltdown” during filming, and “freaking out that I had eaten five banana chips.”

Fortunately, though, as soon as the ballet scenes were over, it was back to European street food for Jennifer Lawrence.

In Vienna, Austria, she became smitten with a sausage sandwich. “I had that [sandwich] almost every day in Budapest — which you can see, because I continue to grow in the movie,” she joked. “Dieting is just not in the cards for me.”

We totally relate, girl. Also, if anyone knows where to find that sausage-pickle-french bread roll sandwich on this side of the ocean, definitely let us know.