Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 17, 2019 @ 9:13 am

Ever since watching professional organizer Marie Kondo in action on her new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, we’ve felt the need to purge every single area in our home. It looks like Jennifer Garner caught the cleaning bug, too. Garner posted a video of herself KonMari-ing her junk drawer on Instagram, and it’s a “celebs are just like us” moment on a whole different level.

“@mariekondo—I’m all about it,” Garner captioned her video, adding the hashtags #doubloonssparkjoy #junkdrawer #canyoucomeover. We’re about to spam Marie Kondo with #canyoucomeover, too, because we desperately need her help.

In the vid, Garner pulls out a variety of bizarre objects from her massive junk drawer spanning from a rain bonnet and a PopSocket (stuck to a lint roller) to Invisalign retainers and doubloons. She also appears to have at least a dozen belts in there. As you do.

Of course, devoted Marie Kondo fans and followers know the number one rule of getting rid of things: If an object doesn’t “spark joy,” then it needs to go…after you thank it for its service, that is. It’s only after you weed out the things that don’t spark joy that you can begin to reorganize your junk drawer with tiny boxes and baskets. (Kondo loves her tiny boxes and baskets.)

Hopefully, Garner’s junk drawer looked a little something like that after the KonMari process was complete. Although, let’s be real. None of us are as good at tidying as Marie Kondo.

Don’t give up, Jen. Just pretend Marie Kondo is right there with you, cheering you on and urging you to part with at least one of those belts.