Credit: J. Merritt / Getty Images

“One time, at band camp” is perhaps now one of the most infamous lines in movie history — all thanks to 1999’s teen classic American Pie. And turns out, it’s a line Jennifer Garner can relate to all too well. Just like Alyson Hannigan’s character Michelle Flaherty, Garner also went to band camp as a youth and also has a few, well, scandalous stories.

Garner was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday, March 22nd, along with guest Eddie Kaye Thomas — otherwise known as Paul Finch from the American Pie movies. And so the conversation naturally turned to Garner’s personal band camp experiences. Garner giddily recalled a specific story in which some, um, shenanigans happened between a couple of young band geeks…and let’s just say, someone got sent home (don’t worry, Garner doesn’t name names).

Hear the full story here (warning: NSFW):


Our only question: Was this poor woman watching the show, and did she realize Jennifer Garner — as in the Jennifer Garner —was spilling some serious tea about her on late-night television? Also, we’re now pretty darn curious about whether Garner has any stories of her own to tell. Because band camp sounds like a very special place…