Olivia Harvey
Updated Oct 09, 2019 @ 2:36 pm

For this week’s “Power of Women” issue, Variety sat down with Jennifer Aniston to talk The Morning Show, philanthropy, and her experience with disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Aniston recalled having to work with Weinstein on the film Derailed in the early 2000s, and she told Variety she was upset with his “piggish behavior.”

“It was just such a level of gross entitlement and piggish behavior,” Aniston said.

Aniston noted that Weinstein never assaulted her, as he did other women during his reign in Hollywood. However, she did recall one instance of bullying when Weinstein visited her in London while they were shooting Derailed. At the time, his then-wife Georgina Chapman’s clothing line, Marchesa, was launching.

“He’d be like, ‘Okay, so I’d like you to wear one of these to the premiere…’ He was like, ‘You have to wear the dress,'” she said. “That was my only bullying. And I was like, ‘No, I will not wear the dress.'”

As for the #MeToo movement, Aniston believes that Hollywood has been changed for the better because women and men have opened up about their negative experiences with Hollywood elites.

“I think there’s still room for improvement, but I think that kind of behavior is done,” she told Variety. “I think people have had the shit scared out of them.”

Aniston plays news anchor Alex Levy in the upcoming Apple TV Plus drama. The show draws inspiration from the real-life events cable news experienced during the #MeToo movement, such as Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose’s departure from their respective shows amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

With six female producers at the helm of The Morning Show, Aniston and her cohorts are making that “new normal” a reality. The Morning Show will premiere on Apple TV Plus on November 1st.