Anna Sheffer
Updated Aug 07, 2019 @ 3:59 pm

There’s just something about the ’90s that makes us wistful. Maybe it’s thinking about our favorite childhood TV shows, or a deep longing to wear scrunchies and choker necklaces again. Maybe it’s just because we didn’t have smartphones to monopolize our attention. Whatever the reason, ’90s nostalgia is everywhere these days, and apparently, even celebrities feel it. Jennifer Aniston recently shared that she, too, looks back on the decade with fondness.

For InStyle‘s 25th Anniversary issue, Aniston reminisced on the seven covers she shot for the magazine, as well as the early days of her career in the ’90s. She remembered being “wide-eyed and bushy-tailed” when she started working on Friends, and she also said that she feels a lot of nostalgia for the era.

The actress talked about how Friends helped her grow as an artist, saying, “I started to find my confidence when I was on Friends, for sure.”

We definitely feel the nostalgia—especially for Friends. Maybe she could be like us and just buy things from the Friends Pottery Barn collection (so we can pretend we’re in Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment…just us?). Or, maybe we’ll spot her at the Friends pop-up in New York. At the very least, while we may not be able to return to the ’90s, for now, we can keep Friends in our Netflix queues a little longer.